Our company that was established in 1995 to manufacture baby and childrens clothing continues its operations with 15 years of experience.
Our company that manufactures products (girl body, single bottom, single top, blanket, whittle, jacket,   suited for girls-boys between the ages of  1 -14 (kiz body, tek alt, tek ust, battaniye, zibin, mont, gift kit, diaper change kit, set of five and set of eleven) manufactures quality products in compliance with global standards with low cost and low price policy.
Our company based on solid and dynamic principles manufactures stylish and aesthetic fashionable products without compensating from its customer oriented work and superior service quality while ensuring sensitive quality control.
Our company aims continuous advancement and success. Our company has focused its vision, manufacturing strategy and sales policies on pioneering developments that will create a difference in the market.
Our quality policy starts from procurement and continues all the way to product delivert. Each personnel is the sole responsible from quality and our aim is not to solve problems but to prevent and eliminate them before they occur.


Since our goal is ZERO ERROR we will never be satisfied and will continue to seek a better quality.


  •    Making process efficiency the basic principle
  •    Setting measurable and attainable goals
  •    Understanding the quality and price targets of the customer and to satisfy them
  •    Ensure continuous customer satisfaction

Headquarters:  Duacinari Mah. Yesilova Cad. No:13  Yildirim  /BURSA -TURKIYE  
Tel: +90 224 361 36 76 - Fax: +90 224 363 32 22  email: info@bulsenbebe.com